Cricket Guys

At Arbor Industries,

our mission is simple:

We want to change the way we eat, grow, and think about food.

We provide value by farming and selling edible insects such as crickets, primarily in powder form, valued for their low environmental and high nutritional impact, at a low cost due to our unique, physics-based approach to automation. While bugs have been consumed for millennia, this ancient industry is currently experiencing dramatic growth. 

Both humans and animals will benefit from implementing crickets into their diets.

We believe entomophagy, or the practice of eating bugs, will start an agricultural revolution.



Meet The Team

Andrew Foreman


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Andrew is a Senior at Washburn University, currently studying Accounting and Entrepreneurship. Andrew was born in Topeka, KS, and has lived there his whole life. He has competed in business competitions throughout Kansas, with various business models, since he started at Washburn last year. He has placed in three of Washburn’s business competitions within one year. Through these competitions he has gained team management experience that has helped him to facilitate and develop his team. Andrew’s core strengths are in planning, organizing, and taking advantage of every opportunity his team is given.

Jim Henry

VP Sales & Marketing

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Jim Henry is a recent Washburn graduate with degrees in Management & Finance. Jim is from Abilene, Kansas and currently works with Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla as a Finance Assistant for her U.S. Congressional campaign. He formerly served as the Student Body Vice President at Washburn as well as President of the University's United Nations Association chapter. Jim has 3 years of finance experience working at SS&C Solutions, Inc. and has competed in the beforementioned business competitions with Andrew. Through years of organizational experience, Jim has become well versed in business processes and meeting procedures, giving him the ability to be an effective team leader.

Matthew Hochuli


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Matthew Hochuli is a Senior at Washburn University, currently working towards a degree in Accounting and a master's in accountancy with intentions to sit for the CPA exam in Kansas. He has spent the past couple years working with different accounting firms doing tax preparation and accounting services. He currently works for a small CPA firm in Topeka managing several clients with accounting service needs. He has experience with different accounting software's, small business tax planning, and basic day to day accounting in a business. Matthew’s core strengths include problem-solving, attention to detail, personability, and a desire to never stop learning.

Other Contributors

Jonathan Barnell


Jonathan is a recent Washburn graduate with a degree in biology. Jon previoiusly served as the company's Director of Research and Development. He is responsible for our H2H Harvesting System and has made incredible intellectual contributions to the team.

Aaron Ediger


Aaron is a Junior at Washburn University studying Computer Information Science. Aaron previously served as the company's Chief Information Officer. He created the application that tracks our day-to-day processes and has made contributions to the website.

Dr. Rick LeJuernne


Dr. Rick LeJuerrne is a professor at teh Washburn University School of Business. Dr. LeJuerrne received a Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration from Washburn and a JD from KU Law. He has assisted the team in numerous business competitions, including Washburn's Small Business Accelerator Fund (SBAF) pitch.

Something about Jon

Dr. Shekhar Challa


Dr. Shekhar Challa is the president and CEO of Kansas Medical Clinic. Dr. Challa is a gastroenterologist and has founded multiple healthcare-based companies in the area, including Osteoporosis Services Inc. and Probulin. A prominent figure in Topeka for 32 years, Dr. Challa was selected as a 2020 Business Hall of Fame Laureate. He has helped the team with business development and general leadership.

Katrin Bridges


Katrin Bridges is the Senior Vice-President of Innovations for the Greater Topeka Partnership. Katrin, a native of Germany, received a graduate degree in Philadelphia before spending 5 years in the biotech startup world in Boston. She has been vital in growing the company's partnerships and introducing the team to Plug and Play, a silicon valley-based investment company.

Dr. David Price


Dr. David Price is also a business professor at Washburn University. Dr. Price received a Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration from Washburn, a Master's of Business Admin from Pittsburgh State, and a Doctorate of Philosophy from Griffith University in Australia. He has guided the company in creative thinking and development.

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